week 6

self portraits in which you do not physically appear in the photograph

For this week, I knew I wanted to do this prompt right away, but I didn’t know how. This is because I didn’t want to just put myself in reflections or mirrors and claim that I’m not physically in the photograph. The way I went about this prompt this week was this: I photographed 9 people who are closest to me– parents, siblings, friends, boyfriend, etc.– and made them into a grid. I did this because the way I see it, these are the people in my life who make up who I am, so in a way all of them together is a self portrait of me. I let them dress and pose how they wanted, because their own personalities are what make them close to me and are part of what makes me who I am. I made them all in black and white and look like they had the same background to have some uniformity, and show that though they do all have their own personalities and they are all very different, they all come together to form me as a person. So, this is my self portrait without being in the photograph; all the people I love and who love me.