week 4

memory. history. origins.

I have 4 tattoos. Two of them are ones that I got for myself, and the other two are for both of my grandmas that passed away. The elephant one is for my grandma on my dad’s side who passed about 4 years ago. She started to lose her memory and as she began to she gave each of her grandchildren a little glass elephant. This is because elephants have great memories, and she wanted us to always remember her even as she began to forget us. The other, the queen of hearts, is for my grandma who passed just a year ago around this time. My earliest memories begin with going to my grandma’s house and learning how to play cards. Anything from poker to gin rummy to presidents, I had mastered by the time I was 5 or 6. This is something she loved to do and it just reminds me of the many days I spent with her at her house. The third picture is of my baby blanket and teddy bear. I was thoroughly attached to them until I was too old to be, probably about 8 or 10 years old. Though they reside in my closet when I’m home now, my mom never fails to sneak them into my bags when I go back to school just in case I get homesick.