week 4

photographs that pose questions

This week I decided to go with the prompt that is taking photographs that pose questions. I chose this one because I felt like it left a lot of room for me to put my own personal take on it and take it in the direction that I was most interested in. The way I see it, any photograph can pose a question. Even as simple as, “Why am I looking at this?” or “What question does this pose?” No photograph ever gives every detail away without having an explanation, and I wanted to push myself to find subjects that made me question too what I was photographing and why. As I shot these, I kept in my head the notions of “who, what, where, when, and why” and those were the base questions I started with. Then, I just took photographs of anything that could pose one of those base questions and from there I thought of more complex questions that I as a viewer would ask about these.