week 6

a second look. a longer try.

memory. history. origins. pt 2.

I decided to expand on the prompt that deals with memory, history, and origins. I wanted to make it less of an extension of the work I originally did for the prompt, and more of a different approach than my first attempt. Rather than dealing most with memories, I wanted to expand and think of the history and origin part of the prompt, too. I am 7th generation in my hometown of Naperville, IL. A lot of what is in the town is there because of my family, and there are so many of us that I don’t even know everyone. These images include a memorial for the farmers who made Naperville what it is, in which I added a photograph of some of the names of my family members that are on the memorial. Another photograph I have is of the piano in my home, which was given to my family by my grandfather. I have focused on a poem that we have always had that resides on the piano, which was written also by my grandfather when he was in high school. I have also included an image which depicts a mosaic that is in the downtown area of the town that shows all of the original farms in Naperville, including my family’s farm. I have additionally added an image which portrays the street signs in Naperville that are named after my family. Cleander Court was named after my great grandmother and grandfather, Cleo and Andrew. Drendel is our family name and this is one of two streets that is named “Drendel.” Additionally, I have an image of my aunt’s house, which was built completely by my great grandfather, Joe. Next to it is a tire swing that resides in front of my house, put up by my parents. Lastly, I have an image of a small drawer I have inside my house, which shows photographs of my grandparents, great grandparents, great, great grandparents, and so on. Overall, I wanted to show through these images the generations and generations that have come before me up to my own. My family has a lot of history and is very well known where I am from, and it is something that I pride myself on.